Wormhole Diagram

This figure, reproduced from Tatonetti, et al. Science Translational Medicine is an interaction diagram depicting single-drug effects, drug-class effects, DDIs, and class-class interactions for cardiovascular adverse events -- as mined from the Adverse Event Reporting System. Drugs are sorted clockwise around the ring by the physiological system they treat. Drugs labeled by name are members of data-mined DDIs. Within each physiological system, drugs are grouped into lower-order drug classes according to structural similarity or treatment indication. These lower-order classes are colored by their class-wide association with adverse cardio- vascular effects (red for most severe to blue for least severe). Each arc across the center represents one DDI according to the data mining. The arc is colored red if the drug interaction is corroborated with evi- dence from the EMRs and brown if the drugs are members of class-class interactions. The heat map around the interior of the ring indicates the individual drug effects with the top 10 cardiovascular adverse events (arteriosclerosis, decreased arteriole pressure, chest pain, difficulty breathing, heart attack, apoplexy, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, edema in extremities, cardiac decompression) (dark red for strong associations to white for weak or no association).